Sarkis Cafe was established in 1965 by the memorable Sarkis himself.   He used his Armenian roots and his personal flair to parlay breakfast food into a breakfast experience for the next 35 years!  

Sarkis Cafe was purchased by the Cramin family in 2000.  Jeff Cramin, a trained chef, continued the tradition of old school Sarkis while adding his own modern twist.  After his untimely death in 2002, Sarkis Cafe remained under the ownership of the Cramin family who ensured the Evanston institution lived on.

Today Sarkis Cafe is still owned by the Cramin family and operated by Jeff’s widow, Marla.  And on weekends, his children can often be spotted waiting tables and devouring Loretta's & Jeff’s Special Grilled Cheese!  

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